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Customized Services Include:

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Reduces appearance of redness and help soothe dry irritated skin

Back Facial

Deep cleansing designed to nourish and repair the skin on your back

Chemical Peel

Treatment used to improve appearance of skin on the face, neck, chest and hands. Used for acne scars, hyper pigmentation, age spots, aging skin, crows feet, melanoma, scarring, sun damage, sagging, aging skin

Hand Treatment

Anti-aging, pain relief and hydration


Essential oil blend infused for relaxation, relief and repair

Scalp Massage

Helps with dryness, headache, allergies and stress relief

Eye Lash Extensions

Adds an enhancement to your eyes with no need for mascara or eyeliner


Exfoliation of skin leaving it feeling silky smooth


Your skin is the largest living organ of your body. I offer a plan to help your skin look and feel its best.

Vitamin C

Helps combat free radicals and adds radiance

Teen Acne

Deep cleansing facial helps with acne and scaring, reduces inflammation and pore congestion


Promote skin health and appearance

Sensitive Rosacea Skin

Designed and formulated to help calm the appearance of sensitive skin. Combined with the blend of vitamins and minerals to nuture the skin

Detox Facial

Expels impurities and promotes overall skin health

Hydration Facial

Moisturizes skin by exfoliating and layering with moisture

Eye/Lip Treatment

Helps repair with a mask to assist with repairing/renewing lips and eyes

Makeup Application

Offering lessons for daily application or a special event


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